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Product characteristics

In terms of product characteristics and advantages, we adhere to the principle of "three high and one long", and put user needs first. We always adhere to the tenet of continuous innovation and breakthrough, product first, technology first and service first, and do a good job in product quality and service.

Product advantage

Content positive pole Negative pole

Point solution

Voltage(V) Specific energy(Wh/kg) Volume specific energy(Wh/L) Cycle times(次) Monthly self discharge rate Charge discharge efficiency Capacity attenuation(-10度) Hazardous substance Memory effect or not
lithium battery Lithium compounds Carbon materials Polymer electrolyte 3.7 110-160 >320
nothing nothing
Lead acid battery Lead acid battery
Sponge lead Dilute sulfuric acid solution 2 30-50 30-50 300-500 4-5% 80% >25% Lead and mercury Yes

Focus on microsignals
Focus on microsignals

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